Year 4 English Cafe

Dear parents,

Year 4 would like to invite you to attend an English Cafe on Wednesday 21st March 2018 from 9.00am until 10.30am.

This will give you the opportunity to see what your children are being taught across all areas of English.

We hope as many parents can attend as possible and look forward to seeing you then.

Year 4

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Year Two Liturgy

Year Two celebrated the end of the term with a beautiful ‘Books Liturgy’.  The children have been working really hard to practise their lines and perform in front of their parents.  We celebrated books that we have been using in our lessons, our favourite books to read to ourselves and special books from Church.  We even had a moment to reflect on the events of ‘The Great Fire of London’ by displaying our glass jars from our topic at the altar.

The children performed their liturgy in the morning and the afternoon.  They worked so hard and we are very proud of all of the Year Two children.  They are a credit to our school.  Well done Year Two.


Art Day 2018

This morning all classes from Nursery to year 6 celebrated, discussed and produced artwork around the theme of the ‘Year of Mary’. Which can be found on the Hexham and Newcastle diocese website

We looked at the 12 virtues of Mary. Each class focused on a different one.

Here are some snaps of our fabulous day!

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Year 5 Green Treat

Year Five have had a fantastic afternoon celebrating ‘Green Treat’. We decided that we would have a games afternoon to celebrate a term of superb behaviour.

The children had such fun playing Top Trumps, Fantastic Gymnastics, Hedbanz, Jenga Boom, Rubik’s Race and many more.

Some of the boys took on the role of our class ‘DJ’ and at the end of the afternoon some children decided to have a boogie!
We all agreed it was a great way to end such a great, successful term in Year Five!

Ice Explorers in Year One

This week, as part of our Ice Explorers topic, we have been learning about igloos and today we each made our own model igloos using upturned polystyrene bowls and cotton wool squares. After we had finished making our own mini igloos we all went in to the hall where we constructed a big cardboard igloo.  We all took turns to sit inside and it was great fun.  We have all been amazing ice explorers but we are definitely pleased that it is a bit warmer in Hebburn than it is at the North and South Poles!


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Mental Health Week in Year 5

This week in Year 5 we have been learning about mental health. The children were able to highlight some of the many factors which could result in someone not feeling great and therefore having an effect on their mental health.

Each one of us recognised how lucky we are and could identify factors in our own lives that we are grateful for and happy about, but also the things that make us sad. The positive definitely outweighed the negative.

Thankfully, we were all able to record many things that we can’t imagine life without.

Whilst the children were completing their activities they listened to Robbie Williams, ‘I Love my Life’. At the end of the activities we were all feeling pretty happy!



Internet Safety in Year 6

On Wednesday morning Mrs McLaren, a  local police woman in Sunderland took time out of her busy day to come and educate years 5 and 6 about how to stay safe online and on their mobile phones. The children heard real life stories about he children and people the police help every day in their local area, and were able to ask questions about what they can do to stay safe while using apps and games.


Mental Health Week in Year 1

For Mental Health Week Year 1 talked about how we’re all special and unique and not only do we have physical and mental differences but different finger prints too. Mrs Wells gave us all a mirror to look into and we wrote down 5 compliments of ourselves. Some children thought they were pretty,handsome,strong,happy and have beautiful hair and eyes. We think you are all pretty amazing too!




Chinese new year parade in Reception AH

We have been learning all about Chinese New Year. We listened to the story behind it and decided to make our very own dragon and have a parade to celebrate. We spent two whole afternoons designing and painting our dragon and worked really well in teams. Joel dressed up in tradition clothing and led the dragon on the parade, we paraded in the garden and even through Mrs Cockburn’s classroom! We danced and played instruments and had so much fun! We found out that some of us were born in the year of the dragon and some the year of the snake. Happy New Year everyone! ​


Take a look at our special Chinese New Year parade…