Reception visit the library

Both Reception classes had our first visit to the library at Hebburn Hub today. Before we left school we talked about keeping safe in the snow and then we set off on our walk to the hub, making sure to wait for the green man and look left and right before we crossed each busy road. When we got to the library the very helpful librarian, Sharon, read us a lovely Christmas story about a beautiful Christmas tree and we  all made a beautiful bauble to hang on our own Christmas trees. 

The library staff and members of public commented on our BEAUTIFUL manners and EXCELLENT behaviour. Our teachers were VERY proud of us! We even sang some Christmas songs for Sharon and then chose some books to take back to class to read at story time.

On our way back to school, we had a very important job to do! We needed to post our letters to Santa! We made a big line and passed the letters along. Our class elves, Pipkin and Jingles had the special job of posting the big envelope into the post box. 

We all had a GREAT day!

Year 3 choir have been carolling

Today our Year 3 choir visited Hebburn Court care home to spread a little Christmas cheer.  They entertained the residents with a few Christmas carols and other songs, and sounded beautiful.  Well done!


Look at all the logs!

Miss Doughty’s class have had a very exciting time in the secret garden this morning. One of our Nana’s kindly asked if we wanted lots of tree stumps when her trees were cut down. We were very pleased when they arrived, there were so many of them. Today we worked together as a team to transport some into the secret garden. We looked very carefully at the rings  and counted them to see how old the trees were. We loved working together.

Autumn Wreaths

Mrs Guy’s class made autumn wreaths.  First of all they went out in to the Secret Garden with Mrs Cockburn and Mrs Wells to collect the autumn leaves that they would need and then they worked with a partner to make their beautiful wreaths.  They looked brilliant!

Year 1 visit the IT Suite

What a fun afternoon was had by Year One when we visited the ICT suite and we were able to log on and become more familiar with a key board. We were introduced to words like mouse, return and screen. We were able to use the program 2Simple and showed increasing accuracy in using the mouse and tools within the program.

Year 3 visit the Openzone

Over the past 2 weeks the year 3 children have been on class trips to the Openzone.  While there they designed their own Christmas decorations, which were cut out of plastic with the laser cutter. They made christmas animations and augmented reality using the Ipads.  We even had lunch in Santa’s workshop.