The Pupil Premium Grant provides additional funding on top of the main funding a school receives. It is targeted at pupils who have received Free School Meals at some point in the last six years.  How the Pupil Premium is spent is monitored closely and we are accountable for the impact of the money spent.  The documents below provide more detailed information on Pupil Premium Grant and how St. Aloysius uses it to support the pupils who are in receipt of it.

  • “Leaders monitor the progress of disadvantaged pupils assiduously. They closely track pupils’ progress and use additional funding for targeted interventions to accelerate progress in reading, writing and mathematics. They share examples of pupils’ work in assessment folders to provide tangible evidence of the progress pupils make over time.” Teachers use assessment information to modify teaching and provide a range of supportive interventions. Through this effective teaching and support, disadvantaged pupils make very good progress from their starting points.”Ofsted inspection of our Infant School, January 2019Disadvantaged pupils make rapid progress from their starting points. Progress portfolios and an increased focus on a whole-school level for these pupils have had a positive impact. Disadvantaged pupils at school make as much progress as their non-disadvantaged peers, both in school and nationally. As a result, any gaps in the standards they reach are narrowing significantly over time. Ofsted inspection of our Junior School 

Pupil Premium Evaluation and Action

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