The school meals at St Aloysius are beautiful and home cooked.  All our children are now fed in the Junior dining hall. All children in the Infant School receive a free school meal and most children in the Junior School choose to have a school dinner.

Children in the Junior school can choose to have a packed lunch. If you would like your child to have a packed lunch we ask that it is healthy, nutritious and wholesome.  Children in Y2 to Y6 have the opportunity to choose the meal of their choice at the start of each morning. If a child is on time for school or they arrive late but it is due to a medical appointment or other exceptional circumstances then the child can choose a coloured band and the meal which has been chosen will be cooked for them. A child who is late for school will have a more limited choice of meal which they will select at the hatch when they go for dinner.

The start of each half term is week 1 on the list, so no matter what week the half term ends on the menu goes back to week one after the holiday.

This link will take you to the South Tyneside school meals page which provides information on menus and more.