Super Scientific Explorers!

In Year 2 we have been learning about Grace Darling in our ‘Time Travel’ topic.  We know lots of facts about Grace Darling and how she was such a hero.  We acted out the Grace Darling story by imagining that our boat had capsized after hitting a rock and then thought about the terrifying experience the passengers would have had whilst waiting to be rescued in the freezing, choppy water.

Then we had to use our explorer skills. We had been sent a mission from Grace Darling which was to explore different materials which would be suitable to float a brand new boat.  The materials we explored were straws, plastic lids, plastic bags, cubes, card, and polystyrene.  We had to work as a team to build a boat which would float.  We then placed the boats in a tray of water and tested them to find out if they would float or sink.  We found that we were fabulous explorers and most of our boats floated.

You would all make fantastic scientists, Year 2!

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