Y5/6 Carols by Candlelight 2017

Last night our Year 5 and 6 children celebrated their Carols by Candlelight.  It was a beautiful service.

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Here are some clips of the songs the children sang:



Liturgy in the Secret garden

For our spirited art day, reception designed and painted some beautiful crosses onto stones. Today we had a small liturgy in the secret garden and placed our stones in the shape of the cross so that we will have a quiet place to reflect when we visit. We shared some prayers thanking God for our families and friends and sang a few songs. Just as we finished, it started to snow so we were very excited, we played in the snow and explored the garden for ice. We then had a lovely hot chocolate inside to warm up!

Year 1 class liturgy

Year One St Matthews group produced a beautiful liturgy today in class. They used the story of the Good Samaritan and  prayed for peace in our school, homes and world.  Each member of St Matthew group had a special task. We look forward to all the other groups leading us in this wonderful time for prayer.

We belong to the family of God

Today Fr Dave visited Year 1 to speak to us about the importance of belonging. We talked about how we would make someone new feel welcome.  We listened to a story from St Mark’s Gospel and thought about the message. Fr Dave blessed us with Holy Water and left some for our classroom. He showed us the baptismal candle, oil of chrism and white garment which are used in a baptism.  We played a game and then ended a lovely afternoon by singing I belong. Thank you Fr Dave.

First Holy Communion 2017

Yesterday 15 of our Year 4 children received their first Holy Communion.  The service was beautiful and prayerful.  All the children looks fabulous and we hope they enjoyed their day.  Thank you for all those involved in making the last 2 weekends such a lovely time for our children.

Fr Dave visited Year 1

Father Dave visited Year 1 to talk to us about the preparation of the gifts of bread and wine for communion.  He showed us the communion hosts and the special dish they go on called a patton and he showed us a chalice with wine in.  He also showed us some of the special vestments that he wears. We were all very interested.