Le Petit Dejeuner

On Tuesday, Year 2 started their topic about France. We began our day with a delicious breakfast of croissants and brioche. Mrs Pennick came along to tell us what was on the menu. We are all excited to learn more about this great country!

Do you hear what I hear?

As year 1 continue to explore their senses we focused on hearing and touch this week. We began the week feeling a variety of materials and identifying them be their properties. We then spent time outside the classroom listening to many different sounds. We were very lucky to hear a helicopter, aeroplane, birds tweeting and a lawnmower to name a few.

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Taste and Smell in Year 1

As part of our topic work we were able to use our senses to explore different tastes and smells and some we really enjoyed and some we found really disgusting. We all pulled funny faces as we enjoyed lemon, mustard and chocolate to name a few!

Fairy tales in Year 1

We are deep in the land of Fairy Tales and Year 1 have demonstrated how clever and hardworking they are. The children have shown great enthusiasm for every task and will continue to  thrive enjoying each new day.

Secret Garden Party 2017

Tonight our Early Years Team, supported by other staff, hosted a summer Secret Garden Party.  Everyone had a fabulous time toasting marshmallows, listening to our excellent choir and exploring the Secret Garden.  Thank you to all those who supported the party.  The raffle will be drawn tomorrow.

Saltwell Park Explorers

Year 1 have been fantastic explorers this year and they finally put their skills to the test by exploring Saltwell Park!
First they went on a double decker coach to get there which will come as no surprise that we had 61 very excited children.  Once we got there they burnt off their energy by playing in the park.  We then had a walk around all of Saltwell Park and had to search for lots of different areas an​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​d they all remembered that they had to be quiet so that they could spot some squirrels…which they did!  They were very cute.  The children then needed refueled so they ate their packed lunches on the field, then finished the afternoon with lots of playing and a delicious ice cream to end the day.
They had an amazing time and their behaviour was exemplary by showing lovely manners and respect to other schools and members of the public!  We are all so proud of you Year 1.  You showed just how ready you are for Year 2!

Year 1 visit to Saltwell Park

What better way to end the year than with a visit to Saltwell Park?  The weather was great, the children were amazing and we all had a super day.  We all had a great time climbing, playing on the slides and in the sand at the play area and then we went for a walk and enjoyed looking at the birds at Pet’s Corner.  The parrots were very excited to see us and didn’t stop talking!  We were really looking forward to having our packed lunches and enjoyed eating them together as we sat on the field.  After that it was time for more fun. Some of us played football while others played on the swings and the climbing frames.  This was followed by ice creams and ice lollies.  Yum yum! There was just enough time left for another visit to the play area before we had to leave the park and come back to school.  Thank goodness that no-one got lost in the maze!

Year 2 visit Butterfly World

What a fantastic end to our topic and a wonderful end to an extremely successful year. We enjoyed a glorious day , baked in sunshine, and filled with laughter.

Year 2 visited Preston Park and Butterfly World as an exciting end to our topic and we could not believe how many butterflies were there to greet us this year. We learned even more interesting facts and were able to explore the ‘ tropical rain forest’ squealing with delight as each butterfly flew around us and landed on the arms, hands and heads of many thrilled children. We celebrated with a bumper packed lunch on the grass and climbed, swung, crawled and ran all around the play area. The return journey was distinctly quiet as 60 children returned to school exhausted but happy.

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Enterprise at Alnwick Gardens

Our Enterprise Team have been taking part in Alnwick Garden Young Entrepreneur Summer Fete. They had a fantastic, but very busy, day and did us proud. They worked really hard and were very successful – winning first prize for ‘Best Salesmanship’ and claiming second place for the most profit made. Well done everyone.

Reception trip to the Discovery Museum

Last week Miss Welsh’s Reception class visited the Discovery Museum in Newcastle. When we arrived at the museum we headed straight upstairs and explored how electricity works. We even spotted some buttons and switches which were used in one of the first factories in Hebburn, in 1929…a very long time ago!! Next we went into the the shadow room where we all needed to strike a pose and the camera took a photo of our different shadows. We had lots of fun!!! After lunch we went into the water room. We loved sailing our boats down the River Tyne and looking at which boats would float and sink. We had a great time and and we were very well behaved!