Uniform Delivery

Today we have received an email confirming what stock has been ordered by JK clothing and the expected deilvery dates.  These are as follows:

Delivery 1 – expected 16th September

Cardigans: size 9-10, quantity 18

Cardigans: size 11-12, quantity 18

Jumpers: size 9 – 10, quantity 24

Jumpers: size 11 – 12, quantity 12

Delivery 2 – expected 7th October

Cardigans: size 9 – 10, quantity 18

Cardigans: size 11 – 12, quantity 18

Cardigans: size x-small, quantity 18

Jumpers: size 9 – 10, quantity 24

Jumpers: size 11 – 12, quantity 12.

Please bear in mind that these are forecasted delivery dates and could go a few dates either way.

Social Media Use

More and more of our children are using social media networks. Occasionally problems stemming from social media use spill over into school.

Recently children from years 4 and 5 have been discussing social media and sharing their profile details in school.    It is also know that many of our year 6 children have at least one social media account.  Please make sure that if your child is using these sites they have the appropriate levels of security on their account.  In the summer term the children will be having special lessons designed to make them more ‘SHARE AWARE’.  Please find the time to discuss this with your child.

Please see a newly added page on our website, found in PARENTS > KEEPING YOUR CHILD SAFE > SOCIAL MEDIA AWARE.



We are collecting tokens from Flora tubs in order to exchange them for Samsung Galaxy Tablets.  The tokens are available on Flora tubs bought at Tesco.  If you have any tokens please send them into school, or deposit them in the box at the back of St Aloysius Church.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Climb & BBQ (2015 Darker Nights Project)


The Services for Young People at South Tyneisde Council are coordinating a variety of events for children of all ages throughout the darker nights.  On 3rd November between 5:30pm and 9:30pm, they are hosting a Climb and BBQ inconjuction with the Simonside Centre.  Children from the age of 5 years and families are welcome.

If you have any queries please contact Martin Simpson at the Centre for further information on 01914240118.

Come for a Coffee!

On Friday 16th October our Year 6 and Reception children have a buddy liturgy.  Following the morning liturgy and preceeding the afternoon liturgy the PTFA invite you to join them for cake and coffee in the Junior School.  Proceeds from the event will be split between the PTFA funds and Jeans for Genes.  We hope to see many of you there at either 10am or 2pm for coffee.  (Liturgy times are 9:15am and 2:40pm as per previous calendar dates that have been distributed)