There have been mummies in Year 5

Yesterday, as part of their study of Ancient Egypt, Year 5 learnt about the process of mummification. Lennox and Nathan were chosen to be our Pharaohs who were mummified. We began by removing their organs and placing them in canopic jars. We then scrambled their brains before drying their bodies with a special salt called natron. Finally we wrapped their bodies in linen (toilet paper!) beginning with the head and working our way down to their feet!

Year 3 Topic Trip

Last half term Year 3 were learning about ‘Dem Bones’ in topic.  To finish off the topic we visited the Centre 4 Life for a human body workshop.  Hayley, who was in charge of the workshop, was amazed by how much we knew about the human body.  We also got to have a look around the other exhibitions.  We had a lovely day!

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Sarah’s letter

Sarah was over the moon with her letter from a local midwife! Miss Mitchell answered all of her thoughtful questions and even included a special lanyard especially for her.  How exciting!

Year 6 Heart Workshop

 During the last week of half term our Year 6 children took part in some healthy heart workshops.  They actually got hands on with a real heart.

Letters arrive for Year 5

Last year, children in year 4 wrote letters to a local care home. Today they received their replies. The children were thrilled to read about what the elderly people were like as children and how interesting their lives have been. One of the residents was an impressive 97 years old!


Y5 PE at the Hub

On Tuesday Year 5 had their first PE session at Hebburn Hub. The children practised their throwing and catching skills before Miss Barrett’s class took on Mrs Gatens’ class in a dodgeball competition!

Year 1 visit to Saltwell Park

What better way to end the year than with a visit to Saltwell Park?  The weather was great, the children were amazing and we all had a super day.  We all had a great time climbing, playing on the slides and in the sand at the play area and then we went for a walk and enjoyed looking at the birds at Pet’s Corner.  The parrots were very excited to see us and didn’t stop talking!  We were really looking forward to having our packed lunches and enjoyed eating them together as we sat on the field.  After that it was time for more fun. Some of us played football while others played on the swings and the climbing frames.  This was followed by ice creams and ice lollies.  Yum yum! There was just enough time left for another visit to the play area before we had to leave the park and come back to school.  Thank goodness that no-one got lost in the maze!

Enterprise at Alnwick Gardens

Our Enterprise Team have been taking part in Alnwick Garden Young Entrepreneur Summer Fete. They had a fantastic, but very busy, day and did us proud. They worked really hard and were very successful – winning first prize for ‘Best Salesmanship’ and claiming second place for the most profit made. Well done everyone.