Year 1 in the Secret Garden

Yesterday Year 1 went back in to the Secret Garden.  As we are going to be learning about hedgehogs in our topic lessons this week the children made hedgehog homes.  They all thoroughly enjoyed it and did an amazing job.  The discussions that the children were having while they were working were absolutely amazing. Bobby thought that the house his group were making should have a chimney.  Benjamin said that they had put logs down to make a pathway into their house while another group said that they had made a family area with lots of leaves in their house so that the hedgehogs could be together and snuggle up.  How thoughtful!

Y1 computer wizards

Today as part of our new topic we began looking at the seasonal changes around us. Year One visited the ICT suite and were able to extend their ICT skills once more. They practiced logging on and how to use a mouse and keyboard . They used an online program to create a picture which reflected the seasonal changes they see all around them. They even began to extend themselves to create a host of hedgehogs, foxes and owls. Their skills are improving each week and next week we look forward to using Microsoft Word to create a fact file/ poster about an animal of their choice.

Year 1’s bug hunt

This week we got wrapped up in our warm coats, popped on our wellington boots, picked up our clipboards, recording sheets and pencils  and went out to explore in ‘The Secret Garden’.  Our mission was to find bugs, either real bugs or images of them which Mrs Cockburn had hidden. We then drew a picture and wrote a description of each bug that we found.  Maybe one day we could write books about wildlife just like Sir David Attenborough and teach people about the amazing natural world.

Broomsticks in reception

​Reception have been making their own broomsticks in the Secret Garden…

This week Reception have been very busy down in the Secret Garden. Meg the witch told us that she had lost her broomstick and needed another to go to her spell party. We did a super job of working in teams to build Meg a new broomstick. Once we had made our broomsticks we tested them out for Meg!

Nursery Detectives

Nursery came in this morning to discover a crime scene in the outdoor area. Poor Humpty Dumpty had fallen or had been pushed off the wall and had broken into to little pieces. Nursery became detectives to find out what had happened!

A meeting with Mac

Our Foundation Stage and KS1 had a fantastic morning on Wednesday. Alan Windram, the author of the Mac and Bob picture books visited the Infant School. He read his new book, ‘The Party Problem’ and taught us how to sing ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ using Scottish words. Alan also shared with us the actions for his songs ‘Wowee’ and ‘The Washing Day Song’ We all had a great time!

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Aim and Attack!

This term, Year 2 have been learning about castles and how to be knights. We started the topic with a trip to Newcastle Keep. We learned lots of things about castle life and some of us were lucky enough to dress up in real armour! Back in school, we looked at different types of castles and made our own Motte and Bailey castle. We have enjoyed making shields and training to be knights. We know the special rules knights had to follow and that they trained extremely hard. We ended our topic with a delicious feast to celebrate the end of knight school.

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