Sports Hall Athletics

Yesterday our Year 5/6 Sportshall athletic team took part in the South Tyneside competition.  They all peformed well, and tried their best in both the track and field events.  At the end of the competition they won the Bronze medal – well done everyone!

Tyne & Wear Quad Kids Athletics

Yesterday 18 of our KS2 children went to Silksworth to compete in the Tyne & Wear Quad kids finals.  Each athlete completed 4 events – a sprint, standing long jump, sprint and long run.  Unfortunately the weather was not being kind so all events had to take place indoors.  Our children were brilliantly behaved and showed excellent sporting attitudes by cheering the other children from South Tyneside (St Bede’s and Stanhope).

Waiting for the results the children were getting extremely excited as the schools were called out in reverse order.  Our Year 5 & 6 team finished a fantastic 3rd place, with Olivia Hall becoming the highest scoring girl of the day! An excellent final competition to her time at St Aloysius.  Our Year 3 & 4 team, the little pocket rockets, finished a fabulous 2nd.  Well done to you all!

South Tyneside Quad Kids Finals

Last week 32 children from Years 3 – 6 took part in the South Tyneside Quad kids finals.  Every child in the team had to complete a sprint, long run, howler throw and long jump.  They were awarded points for their distances/times and these were added together to give team totals.  As you can see from the photo clip all of our children tried extremely hard.

The results arrived yesterday and some of our children performed exceptionally well individually as you can see below, leading to great team results and both A-teams going to the Tyne & Wear Quad kids finals in July.

YR 3/4 Team Results
School Points
1 St Aloysius A 1400
2 Stanhope 1304
3 St Bede’s S/S A 1289
4 Lord Blyton 1228
5 St Bede’s S/S B 1202


Yr 3/4 Girls Individual Top 5
Name Team Points
1 Olivia Merrifeld St Aloysius A 174
2 Brooke Urwin Stanhope 173
3 Rosie Ma St Bede’s S/S A 171
4 Maisy Tomlin Lord Blyton 168
5 Rachel Abbott St Aloysius A 167
Yr 3/4 Boys Individual Top 5
Name Team Points
1 Leo Ridge St Aloysius A 197
2 Ryan Taylor St Aloysius A 195
3 Oliver Ord St Aloysius A 190
4 Callum Harrison St Aloysius B 187
5 Daniel Martin St Matthew’s B 185


YR 5/6 Team Results
School Points
1 St Aloysius A 1595
2 St Bede’s S/S A 1594
3 St Matthew’s A 1510
4 West Boldon A 1499
5 St Bede’s S/S B 1380


Yr 5/6 Girls Individual Top 5
Name Team Points
1 Olivia Hall St Aloysius A 221
2 Rachel Ross St Aloysius A 214
3 Lucy Furniss St Aloysius A 199
4 Welwitschia Alberto Ridgeway A 189
T5 Francesca Williams St Bede’s S/S A 188
T5 Sophie Greener St Matthew’s A 188
Yr 5/6 Boys Individual Top 5
Name Team Points
1 Jake Waters St Bede’s S/S A 254
2 Jude Connor St Bede’s S/S A 234
3 Joel Crook West Boldon A 227
4 Harry Loughlan Jarrow Cross A 226
5 Leroy Velasco-Luckman St Bede’s S/S A 224

While we waited for the bus to pick us up we had a whole team 400m race – well done to Nathan for winning … I’m not sure everyone took it very seriously though!

Year 1 Athletics Festival

Mrs Cockburn’s class had not been on the minibus before today, so they were all very excited during their journey to Temple Park.  The event, which Mrs Cockburn’s class attending in the morning and Miss Fawcett’s class in the afternoon, was very well organised and they were involved in lots of different activities which involved a range of skills such as running, jumping, hopping, skipping, throwing, catching, bowling and balancing.  They all enjoyed being active and Orla described the experience as “amazing!”  Well said Orla, I think we would all agree with you!

Tyne & Wear Athletics Finals


Today our Year 5 and 6 athletics team represented South Tyneside in the regional finals.  They were competing against 9 other teams from across Tyne & Wear.  It was a highly competitive and very close run event.  Our athletes all competed to the best of their ability, but with a few members missing due to illness and others kindly stepping up to take on their events, we finished in 6th place with a total of 546 points, only 18 points from a bronze medal.  Well done to all the children in the team; we are very proud of you!

South Tyneside Schools Sports Hall Athletics

This morning, 18 of our Year 5 & 6 children took part in the South Tyneside Schools Sportshall athletics event at Temple Park.  They gave up half of the first day of their holiday to come and compete.  We traveled to the event on the school minibus.

The competition got off to a good start with both the boys and the girls teams winning their heats of the obstacle relay.  After that the girls and boys went off to compete in various track and field events.  With no way of keeping a check we had to wait until all events were complete before finding out the overall results.

The top 3 schools in the event received medals and the top 2 teams from the whole day (morning and afternoon sessions combined) will go forward to represent the county in the Tyne & Wear finals in January.  Stanhope came 3rd with 256 points, leaving St Bede’s and ourselves waiting for the results.  St Bede’s scored 264 points and St Aloysius came out winners with 304 points, and received the gold medals.  We are awaiting news on whether we will be representing South Tyneside in the next event!

Well done to the 18 children on the team – you were fantastic!

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A very big thank you to all the organisers and the young sports leaders from St Joseph’s Academy.

Tyne & Wear Quadkids Finals

On Thursday 18 of our junior children represented both the school and South Tyneside in the regional Quad kids event.  Each child scores points based on four events – sprint, long run, standing long jump and throw.

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Our Year 5 & 6 team came 2nd overall, eith Year 3 & 4 finishing fourth.  Well done to everyone involved!  Click here for the results for our school.

Olivia and Jack came 1st overall for their respective competitions – Fantastic!

athletics july2016 (11)

This was Mr Rogers last event in charge, so we feel it is the best time to say THANK YOU for everything you have done for our school, in particular the sporting successes you have helped us to achieve.  Your hard work, dedication and enthusiasm always brings out the best in us and we will miss you.

South Tyneside Athletics Quad Kids Final

Yesterday 32 of our junior school children took part in the South Tyneside Quad Kids finals at Monkton Stadium.

st quad kids (13)

Everyone competed in 4 events: long run, sprint, standing long jump and a throw.  At the end of the day our A teams both finished 2nd and our B teams in 4th.  The A teams will now represent South Tyneside in the Tyne & Wear finals at Silksworth on 7th July.

Download (PDF, 196KB)

As you can see from the results Katie Whyte scored the highest Y5/6 girls total with Olivia Hall an exceptionally close 2nd.  Luke Stanley came 2nd overall in the Y5/6 boys category and Raychel Abott was 3rd in the Y3/4 girls.  Well done to everyone taking part.

Tyne & Wear County Sportshall Athletics Finals

22 children from Y4-6 competed at Temple Park Leisure Centre at the Tyne and Wear County Sportshall Athletics Finals.


Having qualified to represent South Tyneside when winning the previous round the children competed fiercely against pupils from across the county.

We had won this competition for the previous 6 years (every year the finals have been held), the pressure was on to continue our undefeated run. The children have practiced diligently and with great heart for many months.

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South Tyneside Champions for the 8th consecutive year!

SH Athletics Oct 15 (17)



Another resouding success for our athletics team.




The Girls team won 11 out of 14 events …

… and the Boys team won 8 out of 14 events.

The individual and team results were:

Download (PDF, 47KB)

The team are now through to the Tyne & Wear Finals in January, where they hope to defend our title.

SH Athletics Oct 15 (18)

Parents please note – Further practice will take place at Monkton on a Friday, more details on our return to school.